What is the Content Schedule and how does it work?

How to use our Content Schedule to plan ahead for requests in line with your content plan.

The Content Schedule is designed to help you to plan ahead content requests for your ambassadors in line with your content plan.

TAP's default content requests

To help you get started, we have added in some requests based on key dates & days that may feature in your social content calendar - a useful example may be International Women's Day. 

These notifications are activated by default, but you can deactivate these at any time - either by deactivating all, or individually, as pictured below: 

How to add a content request

Select a day, which will then be highlighted in orange, and then add your notification message as below:

The requests you create will show in the top of the app feed for all ambassadors activated for Content from midnight of the date set. This will prompt them to create a post, which will be sent to your Gallery:

A push notification with this text will also be sent to all ambassadors that are activated for the Content feature. This notification will be sent at 12 midday dependent on the time zone you have set in your dashboard.

You may of course edit and delete requests at any time. If you deactivate or delete a request on the day it is scheduled for, it will be removed from the app, and the notification will not be sent (if this is done before 12 midday).

If you have any questions about this, or would like some help setting up some notifications, please get in touch with customer support via your Admin Dashboard, or email support@theambassadorplatform.com