Configuring SSO on the TAP Dashboard

This article covers step-by-step guidance for configuring SSO via your Admin Dashboard.


  • Get SSO enabled (see section at the bottom of this article) 

  • Ensure that SSO application is configured on your end depending on the IDP, i.e.

    • Configure SSO for Azure AD

    • Configure SSO for SAML

    • Configure SSO for OpenIDConnect

Set up SSO on TAP

Step1: Log in in to your admin dashboard 

Step 2: Navigate to the SSO configuration


Step 3: Configure SSO

  • Pick an SSO provider

  • Provide the details of the configuration that match what you have set on IDP:

Organization name

  • Use only symbols (no spaces) in organization name (“_” can’t be used).

  • Name can’t be changed after you activate SSO

  • Organization name will be shown on the authorization pop-up like 'Your-organization-name' For ambassadors you.


For Azure


MetaData URL: App Federation Medatata URL (in Azure terms)





Upload Metadata that you have downloaded from your provider


Step 4: Activate SSO

Step 5: Start testing.


🚫 Don’t click on SSO ONLY access until you are done with testing and have      ensured that SSO is working for you and you can access both dashboard and a mobile app using both SSO and non-SSO credentials.

⚠️ After the configuration is complete you can log into the application using both SSO and non-SSO powered credentials that you may have had before the configuration.  

ℹ️ When you are done with testing (see above), you are able to turn on SSO-only access. You will be logged out immediately and you will need to log in again using SSO credentials.


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