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Release notes July 2023

New FAQ View

We have developed an enhanced view for our FAQ feature aimed at providing prospective students with an upgraded user experience as well as simplifying the process of getting answers to their questions. In this new format, answers are organised beneath their respective questions, utilising collapsible sections. This layout presents questions in a stacked list format, enabling prospects to get deeper insights by exploring the answers to the questions they are most interested in.

New Carousel 

If you haven't yet explored the use of carousels to showcase your ambassadors, you might be missing out – especially given our recent user interface update for this feature.

Here's what's changed:

  • We've taken steps to ensure a consistent ambassador profile view. In cases where a student ambassador has a longer bio, it's now neatly collapsed, maintaining a uniform presentation. To delve into the complete bio, a simple click on the 'View more' button will do the trick.
  • We're excited to introduce an auto-play feature, allowing ambassador profiles to rotate automatically. You can set this up in the admin dashboard under Promotions > Carousel. Do keep in mind that enabling this feature will require re-embedding any existing carousels.
  • We've also added clearer navigation controls at the top-right corner to make it easier for prospective students to review the ambassadors' profiles. These controls come in handy, especially if the auto-play option isn't in use.

The updated carousel design not only grabs the attention of potential students but is also likely to contribute to an increase in prospect numbers. These versatile carousels can be embedded anywhere on your website – whether on course pages or specific landing pages, so do take advantage of them.