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Release Notes December '22, January & February '23

Discover the latest product updates from December '22, January & February 2023.

Additional prospect data

We have updated the way we capture additional information about prospects in the sign-up process. Admins can get additional information about their prospects through what we used to call 'Optional data questions'. This feature has now been renamed as 'Additional data' (it can still be found in the admin dashboard under Settings). Find out how the mandatory questions are displayed in the sign up form here

Screenshot 2023-02-01 11.10.35

💡You can now upload answers to custom questions using a csv file. This should save up time and reduce manual labour when the list of possible answers to these questions is very long.

Notifications for prospects who message multiple ambassadors

Your prospective students are free to start conversations with as many ambassadors as they would like. They might be seeking support on different topics, so reaching out to more than one ambassador will allow them to get answers to all their questions. If you wish to be notified of instances where a prospect starts a conversation with multiple ambassadors within a specific timeframe, you can enable this notification from your admin dashboard. Find out more about this feature here


Use the power of video to communicate your unique university experience, engage with prospective students and generate more leads.

Streams is an exciting new way to bring your ambassador and prospective student community together. Live Streams allows you to host events live from the platform and On-Demand Streams gives you the functionality to upload recordings to your Feed, from any platform. Both Live Streams and On-Demand Streams facilitate prospect data capture and encourage engagement with the content via group chat. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the reporting and data insights available on your admin dashboard.


Streams  (500 × 300px) (1)


You can now explore our suite of additional products and services that can help you supercharge the use of The Ambassador Platform from your admin dashboard. Have a look here!

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