Live Events User Guide

This article will help you understand how to set up Live Events on TAP.

Our Live Events feature helps institutions run a whole host of online events such as:

  • Webinars

  • Virtual Open Days

  • Taster Sessions

  • Information Sessions

  • Q&As

It's a fantastic way of reaching a large volume of prospects at any one time, whilst keeping them connected with you and your ambassadors at all times, even before and after an event.

Navigating to the Live Events feature

Live Events is an add-on that can be added to your existing license. When enabled, a new icon is available in the Admin Dashboard.

All events are grouped by their status:

  • Upcoming: list of created events that have not taken place yet

  • In Progress: events that are actually happening now

  • Previous: list of events that either have already happened or were cancelled

Creating a new event

In order to create an event, you need to click the button 'Create new Live Event' and then follow a three-step process.

Basic information

First, you will need to provide some basic information about the event including:

  • title

  • description

  • cover image (lets prospects differentiate between the events easily)

  • time and date of the event

  • time zone (affects notifications)

  • tags

By default, we consider all Live Events to be public and therefore they will be displayed on the TAP feed. If you don't want to have your event publicised to everyone, then you may click a checkbox on the first step that hides it from the TAP Feed:

You are able to start an event only for an upcoming date. No event can be created and started the same day.

The time of the event helps prospects to understand when the event takes place but an event can be started earlier by an admin and can finish later than an anticipated time. The event will need to be started and stopped manually, (i.e. setting the time does not mean it will automatically start and end at those times - those are simply indicators for the prospects of when the event is taking place). An event won't go away from a TAP Feed until a stream is stopped or a chat is closed (see below).

Inviting speakers

In this step, you can invite speakers who will be able to present at the event; share their video, audio, and screen.

An admin that creates an event is added as a speaker by default and can act as a host. You are able to untick yourself as a speaker if you so wish.

You can invite other speakers to the event including other admins, ambassadors and external speakers. Every user who is invited as a speaker will receive an email notification with a link to the event so that they can click on the link, join the event, and start streaming. Admins can stream from the admin dashboard as well. All speakers will need to join from a desktop and therefore if you are inviting ambassadors to speak, please ask them to switch their email notifications on from within their app.

External speakers are users that don't have a TAP account but in order to interact with the event, they don't need to set up any special software. They simply follow a link that is provided in the email and after validating their email address are able to participate in the live event in the role of a speaker. They will receive email notifications like the following:

Inviting ambassadors

The last step is inviting ambassadors. Every event has a chat associated with it so you may wish to add ambassadors to talk to prospective students before, during, and after the event until you close a chat.


After following all of the steps you are shown a success window; your event is now seen by prospects on the TAP Feed, ambassadors see a new event in their live event tab on the mobile application and prospects can register to participate in the event.


Every event has a 'cockpit' that allows an admin of the event to monitor what's happening, edit event details, manage ambassadors and speakers of the event.

It shows a cover image and a countdown timer that helps to highlight how much time is left before the event is meant to start.

The cockpit shows three tabs on the right that helps an admin navigate through the event's activity seamlessly:

  • participants shows a list of all of the speakers, ambassadors, and prospects that are either added or signed up for the event

  • speakers' chat allows you to exchange messages between speakers. All of the messages will be seen only by users with speaker roles. It can be helpful when you need to discuss anything before or during the event (agenda, technical issues, etc.)

  • live chat is a group chat associated with the event. Prospects who signed up for the event can ask their questions, leave comments and ambassadors are able to reply. This is visible to everyone including the admin.

You can also copy a link to the event from the top of the navigation if you want to distribute it using your marketing channels.

Starting an event

When the time comes and you are ready to start an event, you are able to do it from the cockpit. In the top right corner, you will see a burger menu where you have an option to start an event and join the room.

Starting an event changes its status, you can now join the room to stream and prospects will be able to see and hear you from the TAP feed.

Event in progress

When an event has been started, speakers can turn their video on or off, mute and unmute, and share screen - all the normal capabilities of video sharing software. We support up to ten speakers in the same room and up to 1000 prospects that view an event in real-time.

Events can be viewed from mobile devices by both ambassadors and prospects.

Event has finished

When an event has finished, you are able to stop a stream or close a chat.

Stopping a stream stops the video broadcast but the event stays on the TAP feed. Prospects can sign up and participate in the chat with other attendees and ambassadors. Your event will be moved to the list of previous events.

When you close chat, all interactions between participants are stopped and nobody can write a message in the chat anymore.


All users despite the role who participate in the event will receive a number of email messages from TAP containing the details of the event, reminders to join, and links to the event.

We send the following messages

  • confirmation that you were invited to the event (for speakers and ambassadors)

  • pre-registration confirmation for prospects

Reminders with the same data

  • one day before the event date

  • 10 minutes before the time of the event

All notifications are sent based on the time zone that was selected when an event has been created.


Currently, we are providing limited functionality for reports but all prospects that are registered for an event will show in your Prospect Report.

We treat an event as an ambassador and therefore all prospects that are registered to the event will have an event's name in the column 'Name of ambassador(s)'.

Ok, that's that. We hope this has been useful and can't wait to see the events that you and your ambassadors host. Don't forget we're on hand to help so if you have any questions please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to 😊

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