Content ideas to share with your ambassadors

Start populating your TAP Feed with authentic content that showcases your institution.

One of the key elements of your TAP Feed is represented by the content created by your ambassadors. TAP was designed to make it very easy for you to source content from your team and share it on different channels from social media to marketing campaigns. So, here are a few content ideas you can share with your ambassadors: 

  • Record a short intro video (30 sec-1 min) sharing why you decided to be an ambassador, what you'd be most useful to talk to about, what are your interests etc
  • Share a photo/video of the city you're based in 
  • Share a photo/video of what you get up to in your free time

Another key element of your TAP Feed is the FAQ section. This enables you to post your ambassadors' answers to different questions that are of interest to your audience and give a prospective user different views over a particular topic. Some suggested FAQs could be: 

  • What makes you proud to be an ambassador? 
  • What is something you wished you'd known before joining <institution name>?

We hope this has been helpful and if you need any more information, just get in touch.