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Highly effective virtual events

With INTO University Partnerships


The pivot to online and virtual events was an unavoidable consequence of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. INTO University Partnerships embraced this switch to online events and ensured they were still able to interact with students and answer their questions.

Our platform helped them do that, as well as being a great place for conversations to continue after an event.

15,000 messages were exchanged and over 400 FAQs were answered

The challenge

With travel options limited and generally not available at all during the summer of 2020, INTO had to transition to virtual events to allow their recruitment activities to continue. After all, prospective students still had plenty of burning questions they wanted answering!

So, taking the events online is exactly what they did. These events have meant that, despite the travel bans put in place on recruitment staff due to Covid-19, INTO has still been able to connect with new prospective students and offer holders to promote their various centers. In the case of new prospective students, these are new leads that would have otherwise been missed.

They used a single TAP account to orchestrate a number of virtual events. Each of these events were tailored for a specific purpose and market. Promotion of these events included paid social ads, email campaigns, and social media campaigns such as the following:


Direct conversations

Our Chat feature allowed for authentic conversations between prospective students and ambassadors. These conversations helped ensure prospects could find answers to their questions and make confident decisions about their future.


Content groups

These groups a great way for admins to commission and collect content from ambassador. Many INTO centres were also using them as 'Whatsapp group replacements' so they could manage the event and also stay in touch with each other during the day, all through a single platform.


Comprehensive reporting

Thanks to the reporting functionality in the Admin Dashboard INTO was able to identify a number of important data points: which markets engaged the most and at what time of the day to then help with the planning of future events; where exactly did a prospective student come from in terms of promotion and therefore which promotion avenues were worth investing more effort/time into; were they a prospective student or an applicant?


Over the course of the summer (June-August), and through to mid September, INTO engaged with over 600 students as a result of just a handful of virtual events.

400 of these students came from two virtual recruitment fairs that the INTO team ran, one specifically for their US centers and one for the UK centers - both events targeted a global market.

As a direct result of the promotion of these virtual recruitment fair events and then during and immediately after, there were hundreds of digital applications submitted to INTO.

Most of the events predominantly featured staff ambassadors. These staff ambassadors produced over 500 pieces of content in preparation for the events, showcasing life at different campuses, the surrounding cities, as well as videos introducing themselves.

Conversations in over a dozen different languages were supported by different ambassadors who were available to speak to prospects. This meant that the events genuinely catered to their global audiences.

Almost 15,000 messages were exchanged and over 400 FAQs were answered through our platform.

“We were delighted with the success of these virtual recruitment events. As ever, TAP moved swiftly to help us put these in place, including technical support and additional training for new ambassadors.

Based on the success of these events, and as COVID-19 continues to restrict face-to-face recruitment, we have now had requests from across the organisation to use the platform in ever more creative ways.

We love the way that TAP are an extended part of our team, listening to feedback and taking it on board for future product development and constantly improving the platform.”


Laurence Bresh
VP Digital Marketing

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