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XCM: your new marketing, recruitment, and admissions channel

XCM: your new marketing, recruitment, and admissions channel

Posted by Nik Higgins on March 29, 2021

It's time to let the cat out of the bag: we're changing our name!

From here on out, we're putting ambassadors (be they students, staff, faculty, alumni, or parents) at the heart of what we do. That's why we're now going by The Ambassador Platform.

It's still the same software, with the same handy acronym (TAP), run by the same group of people.

Alongside our fresh new name, logo, and website, we have reimagined the way we talk about our technology and the problem it solves.

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Experience Communication Management (XCM) and how it can enhance your student recruitment.

What is Experience Communication Management?

First thing's first, here's a quick-fire definition:

Experience Communication Management (XCM) is a new approach to marketing, recruitment, and admissions. It enables you to tell prospects how great the lived experience of your institution really is. Typically, this is communicated through multimedia content and peer-to-peer conversations.

The Ambassador Platform underpins this new approach and helps you close the 'Insight Gap'. This refers to the chasm between what your institution is really like and how your prospects perceive it to be through your existing communication channels.

Through experience-led communications and authentic content, you can dramatically improve your institution's entire recruitment and marketing efforts.

Here's how.

How XCM can improve your student recruitment

Almost 90 percent of applicants would like to see content created by current students.

Indeed, authenticity is everything when it comes to advertising your institution. It's hard for a student to get an idea of what spending time at your university is really like just by looking at traditional recruitment methods, such as generic paper prospectuses.

Instead, focus on communicating the true, lived experience. Using your eager ambassadors, as well as our Experience Communication Management platform, you can make this a scalable and successful reality.

The Content features, student profiles, Chat, and FAQ mechanisms on your website's TAP Feed make it easy to demonstrate the magic behind your institution.

TAP enables you to:

  • Drive a community-led content approach. Mobilize your student ambassadors, alumni, and even parents to create brilliant content which can then be repurposed across your social channels.
  • Nurture authentic communications. Thirty-seven percent of student ambassadors state that direct conversations with prospects is the best part of their job. Fortunately, you can keep your ambassadors and prospects happy with our with peer-to-peer and group conversation channels.
  • Modernize your efforts safely. Reach a new, digital-savvy generation with a platform that prioritizes safeguarding.
  • Harness valuable data insights. Enhance your performance and adjust your tactics accordingly - at every stage of the funnel - with TAP's built-in data insights.
  • Expand your reach and diversify. Don't let borders and time zones hold you back. TAP allows you to reach any prospect no matter where they are. You can also target diverse demographics that don't typically attend your open-days or apply for your institution.
  • Scale up your efforts seamlessly. There's no need to rely solely on expensive, occasional in-person events. Bringing your marketing, recruitment, and admissions efforts online will allow you to scale effortlessly and for a fraction of the cost.

You can read more about our product features here.

TAP into our new approach

The Ambassador Platform is updating its look and feel for the better.

We're bringing what truly matters into the heart of our new brand: the real experience of living and studying at a higher education institution.

As the expectations of your student prospects evolve, and the demand for user-generated content and communications rise, it could be time for you to tap into this new approach, too.

If you'd like to come on this journey with us, get in touch today.