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📰 TAP Weekly Round-Up - 26/10/18

📰 TAP Weekly Round-Up - 26/10/18

Posted by Rebecca Longhurst Picture of Rebecca Longhurst on October 26, 2018

Our Weekly Round-Up last week saw us visit Cumbria and Bucks New University, and this week we're in Sheffield.

On Friday, CEO George and Customer Success Manager Georgina were at the HeppSY+ graduate intern development day doing a TAP refresher and introduction to new starters. There were great conversations about how they can embed TAP into their delivery in schools and colleges and enable young people across their region to ask questions about Higher Education.

Second summer, is that you?

This week, Georgina started the Code First: Girls course, based at Trainline. They’re a social enterprise helping more women enter the world of tech and entrepreneurship and they offer free coding training programmes to women all over the country.

"I want to broaden my skills and learn more about what goes into actually building our technology and have a better understanding when I communicate between our customers and developers."
Code First
The start of an exciting journey (get it?)

On Tuesday, one of TAP's Co-Founders, Dom, was interviewed by KCL Business School about the motivations and successes of entrepreneurs and the gender balance in the start-up world, along with other start-up founders from different backgrounds. They discussed topics including male over-representation in the investment community, attracting female and BAME founders to join accelerator programmes, the socio-economic challenges that might prevent people from entering entrepreneurship, and top tips to identify and improve the skills that you need to run your own business.

Dom Interview KCL

On Thursday, TAP CEO George was in a board meeting lasting 6.5 hours but ended up in the pub so it wasn't all bad! It's really great to have such experienced education heavy weights join the team. George and Georgina also met with Paul from King's College (our home for the King's 20 Programme) who have a leading Widening Participation team. They’ve got a busy agenda this year and lots of new team members who we’re getting to know, so it's super exciting to work with such an incredible group of people.

Nik, another TAP Co-Founder, met Yossie Olaleye, Communications Coordinator at Birkbeck University. They had a great chat about social media for international students, and using user-generated content to bring events to life. Nik also featured on The Native this week, where he discussed the similarities between meerkats and the HE market. Intrigued? Check out Nik's post here.


HE Thought of the Week

69% [of students] want brands to connect with them in an authentic & transparent manner when they communicate with them online.

Ben Davies, Marketing Manager, Media Chain

Listen to Ben and Alex from Media Chain chatting on The Native Podcast here.

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