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UGC FTW: Nik appears on The Native Podcast πŸ”Š

UGC FTW: Nik appears on The Native Podcast πŸ”Š

Posted by Rebecca Longhurst Picture of Rebecca Longhurst on May 18, 2018

"I’d love to see senior academics, and alumni, contributing to the university’s digital marketing output"

This week's episode of The Native podcast features ur Co-Founder Nik Higgins chatting with Dave Musson about the importance of user-generated content.

Nik discusses how vital it is for ensuring students from diverse backgrounds feel welcome in the university community and are able to identify with the institution. It can be the most persuasive form of content out there, so universities should be utilising it. Nik also gives his top three tips on how best to enhance UGC, including: be brave, be authentic, and (of course) to check out The Access Platform.

You can give it a listen and hear all of Nik's wisdom, here.