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🚨TAP HQ Updates: June 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: June 2018

Posted by Nik Higgins on June 29, 2018

Here are some of our TAP HQ Updates from June!

Can't BETA TAP Content

We’re now super, super excited. The launch of the TAP content BETA is only two weeks away! We’ve got 9 universities, in the UK, Ireland, and Europe ready to crowdsource UGC from their students, staff, and alumni. Click here if you’d like to find out more.



Team TAP is going for its first weekend away to.... Norfolk. Well, we are a start-up! As a company we value people above everything else, be that our customers or members of our team. We don’t think any universities will fit in our cottage in Norfolk, so we’re focusing on the latter set of people and treating them to a sunny British staycation.

Squad Goals Photo

From the techies

We’ve just released a couple of features that have been hotly requested by our current customers. Both student ambassadors and users are now able to ‘flag’ conversations to the university’s page admin for review. Closely linked to this is the ability for page admins to message users and student ambassadors directly from the Interactions Report. These features will be super handy if a student ambassador needs some help answering more specific queries or if either party has any concerns.

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