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🚨TAP HQ Updates: July 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: July 2018

Posted by Nik Higgins on July 26, 2018

Here are some of our TAP HQ Updates from July!


Our UI and UX teams have been busy bees! We’ve given our entire platform, both the applicant and staff facing sections, a spruce.

Hello rounded edges, attractive gradients, and minimalist styling. We’ll be working with customers to release the changes over the next month. Watch this space!

Tap Stetics

We're content

The TAP Content Beta has gone live. We’ve got universities in the UK, Ireland, and Europe crowdsourcing UGC from their students, staff, and alumni. No more trawling through hashtags, requesting content by email, or sending your Geography students on a field trip with cameras you never expect to see again.

We’re gamifying student content creation so our system, and not your busy digital marketing team, does the heavy lifting.

we re content

Down with the kidz

Team TAP keeps growing, and we’re really looking forward to its two newest members starting next week. We’ve got two students, Peter and Muhammad, joining us for a month as paid interns.

They’ll be kept busy supporting the delivery of TAP Content and, most importantly, ensuring that we keep the perspective of students at the centre of thinking as a company.

Capture leads with TAP Chat for Clearing 2018

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