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🚨TAP HQ Updates: August 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: August 2018

Posted by Nik Higgins on August 15, 2018

Here are some of our TAP HQ Updates from August!


We’ve been listening carefully to our lovely customers and, in response, have added some international recruitment specific features to our platform. Student Ambassador nationality and country flag can now be added to our profile cards. These new additions complement our other international features (such as timezone matching and direct messaging in any script/language).

we re international

Hear ye! Call for submissions!

We love writing TAP Cubed each month, and really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, click, and forward it to colleagues. The thing is: we want to hear from more you! From next month each TAP Cubed will feature a thought or article written by one of our readers from the world of HE Marketing and Student Recruitment. If you fancy writing anything from 50 - 1000 words and contributing to a future edition of the newsletter then be sure to give us a shout!

call for submissions


There are now three, fab paid interns at TAP HQ: Peter, Muhammed, and Faheem. They are each with us for a month and are all working on research projects, including ‘Branding in the HE sector’ and ‘University Instagram Q+A’s: an analysis’. We’ll be sharing their findings in future editions of TAP Cubed. Watch this space - they're super-smart cookies!