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How to entice future students with experience-led content

How to entice future students with experience-led content

Posted by Dave Musson Picture of Dave Musson on June 3, 2021

Did you know that user-generated content (UGC) is five times more likely to convert than branded content?

What's better is UGC that's experience-led as this supercharges UGC to make it even more authentic and effective.

Fortunately, it's also not difficult to implement experience-led UGC as part of your higher education marketing.

So, let’s investigate the topic further, demonstrate some examples, and discuss how your institution can adopt it, too.

What is experience-led UGC?

Here’s a straightforward definition of experience-led UGC:

Experience-led UGC is content created by the end-user that showcases the lived experience of a product or service. As an example, a university student might write a blog, or film a video that demonstrates their positive experience attending a university.

Although experience-led UGC is important, that’s not to say your glossy prospectuses and conventional marketing materials aren’t still essential. Rather, experience-led UGC is the perfect accompaniment. It breathes authenticity and life into your university’s brand.

Entice future students

Closing the Insight Gap so future students can get a true taste of your university is a crucial challenge to overcome. As we’ve seen, experience-led UGC can be the key that unlocks this for your institution.

But what does this kind of content actually look like?

Specific examples might include:

  • Answering popular questions. Like this example – it's a Q and A video with University of Cambridge medical students that covers the course and life at the university.
  • Sharing ‘day in the life’ videos. Here’s a great example from a student at the University of Edinburgh that’s getting plenty of engagement.
  • Assembling ‘Top 5’s’ on a topic. For example, here’s a ‘Top 5 places to eat’ blog written by a student at the University of Bristol.

So, you now know what experience-led UGC looks like in the wild. Let's explore how you can boost its impact.

Turn on the student recruitment TAP

As we’ve seen, experience-led UGC comes in many formats and can connect effectively with future students.

To make the most of it, however, you'll need to empower your Student Ambassadors to drive it forward. After all, they have the first-hand knowledge and experience your prospects are looking for. But, they also know your university's needs and goals - this means they'll create content that's even more impactful and on-brand.

Using tools, like The Ambassador Platform (TAP), will help you leverage this opportunity.

As an example, you can use the platform to request and publish experience-led UGC from ambassadors. You can also collaborate with ambassadors through content groups to build a schedule. Here’s how it helped The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean level up its marketing efforts.

So, if you’re curious about enticing more prospects with the help of experience-led UGC and your Student Ambassadors, reach out for a chat with one of our team today.