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Articles We ❤️️: June 2018

Articles We ❤️️: June 2018

Posted by Rebecca Longhurst Picture of Rebecca Longhurst on June 29, 2018

Here are some of TAP HQ's fave articles in June!


The Native, ‘A snapshot of #HESM in 2018’

Following a lovely little survey, Dave Musson gives an insight into the trends in HE social media. Read for the rise of Insta, the fall of Snap, and the potential of the pod.
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The Guardian, ‘Student mental health must be a top priority’

Sam Gymiah has spoken this week about the role he thinks universities should play in safeguarding the mental health of their students. It’s a pressing issue amongst young people and something that applicants will undoubtedly have strong feelings about.
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ConnectEDU, ‘Latest episodes’

Sorry not sorry we’ve lied again. This one isn’t an article! It is, however, a brilliant library of HE podcasts from the US and beyond. Have a listen for general wonk value, and also for some snappy insights into how our transatlantic cousins do social media and marketing.