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Articles We ❤️️: August 2018

Articles We ❤️️: August 2018

Posted by Rebecca Longhurst Picture of Rebecca Longhurst on August 15, 2018

Here are some of TAP HQ's fave articles in August!


The Native, ‘'Real influence - why user-generated content is getting supercharged'
Thread and Fable’s Rebecca Roberts talks through the influencer-to-user content transition, and why it’s important for universities to understand it, in this brilliant Native article. She even references a piece by our very own Co-founder, Nik Higgins. Thanks Rebecca: great minds!

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After Burners

Mad skillz

Wonkhe, 'A fresh look at a national skills strategy'
Iain Martin, VC at Anglia Ruskin, provides a thoughtful commentary on UUK’s recent report, Solving Future Skills Challenges. At the risk of poor old Marx turning in his grave, we’re apparently approaching the ‘4th industrial revolution’, and it’s time HE got clued up.

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Mad Skillz

Future perfect

We Are Social, ‘What will social look like in the next 10 years?’

Keeping with the theme of historical periodisation, We Are Social’s Group CEO, Nathan McDonald, makes his predictions on what social media will look like in 2028. Excuse my gerund, but it is some rather fab prophesying. Think IoT, hive mind, and Western WeChat.

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Future Perfect