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Power-up your platform!

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Power up your platform!


We've created a suite of exciting additional products which will power-up your use of the platform and help you to get the most out of your student recruitment marketing. Take a look!




Use the power of video to communicate your unique university experience, engage with prospective students and generate more leads.


Streams is an exciting new way to bring your ambassador and prospective student community together. Live Streams allows you to host events live from the platform and On-Demand Streams gives you the functionality to upload recordings to your Feed, from any platform. Both Live Streams and On-Demand Streams facilitate prospect data capture and encourage engagement with the content via group chat. Additionally you’ll benefit from the reporting and data insights available on your admin dashboard.

On-Demand Streams

On-Demand Streams allows you to upload event recordings onto your Feed

  • Share recordings of past events, webinars or Q&A’s regardless of which platform they were hosted on 
  • Recordings can be private - promoted only with a specific group of prospects, or public  - open to anyone visiting your Feed 
  • Build communities around recordings through group chats and one-to-one conversations
  • Select the data fields you want prospect to complete with customisable data capture 
  • Comprehensive reporting including a list of prospects who’ve signed up to watch the content

Live Streams

Live Streams allows you to host real-time events from your Feed

  • Live Streams can be private - promoted only with a specific group of prospects, or public  - open to anyone visiting your Feed 
  • Live chat is open alongside the event to encourage engagement 
  • Automatic invitations and event reminders to encourage participation  
  • Select the data fields you want prospects to complete with customisable data capture 
  • Comprehensive reporting including a list of prospects who signed up for the event

Stream graphic
Stream graphic
Stream graphic

Student Voice Workshop and Blueprint 

Workshop and Blueprint

We’ll work with you to build a cross-team action plan for integrating student ambassadors into your recruitment marketing.


Integrating student ambassadors into your marketing without cross-team agreement on the objectives can lead to missed opportunities, wasted time and strained working relationships. Our Student Voice Workshop and Blueprint is for education providers who want to develop a clear plan for leveraging their student ambassadors in their marketing and recruitment campaigns. 

Student Voice Workshop

Facilitated by our experts this three hour creative workshop is run with your teams and will establish exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your student ambassador programme and identify any challenges you are trying to overcome. The session uses our team’s extensive expertise and knowledge of ambassador best practice to work with you to create a bespoke student ambassador plan for your institution.


Based on the information gathered from the workshop you will receive your bespoke Student Ambassador Programme Blueprint. The Blueprint will provide you with a clear action plan of how you will use student ambassadors in your marketing and how you will work with other teams in your institution to implement. It will clearly outline the challenges or opportunities you are hoping to address and the goals you are aiming to achieve. 

What's included?

  • One three hour creative workshop with your institution run by our student ambassador experts
  • Training on student ambassador best practice
  • Blueprint with clearly defined goals and cross functional alignment

Student voice workshop Image
Student voice workshop Image
Student voice workshop Image
Student voice workshop Image

Single Sign-On (SSO)


SSO provides both extra security and increased convenience for users of the platform.


SSO makes it easier for prospects to start chatting with your ambassadors, saves your admins and ambassadors time logging in and  improves the overall user experience. 

How does SSO work?

SSO allows users to use their existing institution credentials to log into The Ambassador Platform, without the need to create a new account and remember new passwords. SSO also provides an enhanced level of security and as an admin you can control what type of users have SSO enabled.


Admins can manage SSO from the admin dashboard, authorise access to their provider, and choose whether they want their users to access the platform only using SSO. 


Setting up SSO only takes 30 minutes and gives your institution a secure way of managing user access on The Ambassador Platform.

SSO Image
SSO Image

Group Environment

Group Environment

Save time and increase oversight by bringing the management of multiple Feeds into one place.


Reduce the pain of managing multiple accounts and Feeds across your organisation using our Group Environment feature. This feature includes the ability to create one Feed which amalgamates content from all your other Feeds. The high-level Admin Dashboard brings all Dashboard activity and information into one place to allow group admins to review account activity and manage Feeds all in one place.

What's included?

  • One Feed which amalgamates all the Feeds from across your institution
  • A single master Group Account Dashboard which brings data from multiple accounts into one place
  • The ability to manage Feeds and Dashboards together or separately 

Group Environment Image
Group Environment Image

Additional Ambassadors

Easily increase the number of ambassadors on your account without increasing your annual license.


Tell me more

All of our packages include a generous number of student ambassador accounts. However sometimes an institution may wish to exceed the number available in their package. Our Additional Student Ambassadors add-on allows you to pay a small additional fee for each new student ambassador account, without needing to increase the overall cost of your license.



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